Industrial Steel Fabrication

Our services include the production of structural assemblies and accessories

Since 2018 Golda Steel safely and consistently provided quality products, exceptional service, and on-time delivery.

All the while keeping these core values at the forefront of all we do. Our clients recognize and appreciate our dedication to the values: 

Steel Fabrication is a process of manufacturing steel components, when assembled and joined, form a complete frame or other type of structure.

Our services include the production of structural assemblies and accessories, in varying degrees of complexity, along with the capacity to design projects in-house or work from and adhere to client-initiated designs and specifications.

spire team has the skill and experience to deliver the highest-quality structural steel projects as required by our clients; the specific resources/materials that our structural steel fabricators can and have used in the completion of Projects

The most important components of our fabrication capacity are the highly skilled employees working throughout our plant. Golda Steel employees are craftsmen whose skills, knowledge and passion are evident in each piece that leaves the plant.